Early Harvest - 7 October 2023

Cortijo de Calatrava, we continuously seek the quality of our EVOO, that is why we work our EARLY HARVEST with great care and attention to obtain a product of exceptional characteristics. Today October 7th we are proceeding to the harvest under the indications and supervision of the agronomist technicians.

Olive oil, a source of vitamins

Olive oil is considered one of the essential foods in the Mediterranean diet. Its flavour, its history and its benefits for the organism have made it a fundamental part of our diet. There is nothing more special than a toast with exceptional virgin olive oil and even more so if it is an early harvest olive oil. Olive oil does not [...]

Historical summary of the evolution of Olive Oil

Ancient Egypt In Egypt, the first references to the use of olive oil appear. The yield of olive oil was scarce and it was used in cosmetics and pharmacy. The olive tree is represented on sarcophagi. Ancient Greece Homer already in the Odyssey refers to olive oil". Odysseus also used the olive tree in two key places: [...]

Current state of olive oil production in the world and Spain

Olive oil production is concentrated in Mediterranean areas, although it is already produced in 56 countries. By continents, the majority of olive grove surface area is concentrated in Europe (60%), followed by Africa (27%), Asia (10%), America (2%) and Oceania (1%). Spain is the world's leading producer and exporter of EVOO, [...]