Olive oil production is concentrated in Mediterranean areas, although it is already produced in 56 countries. produced in 56 countries. By continents, the majority of olive grove area is concentrated in Europe (60%), followed by Africa (27%), Asia (10%), America (2%) and Oceania (1%).

Spain is the world's leading producer and exporter of EVOO, followed by Italy, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and Portugal. Spain's production accounts for 44% of the world total and 62% of European production. In 2020, around 1.12 million tonnes of olive oil.

Andalusia is the autonomous community with the highest production. This region produces 85% of Spanish oil and 32% of the world's oil. 85% of Spanish oil and 32% of the world's oil is produced in this region.

The province of Jaén is the area with the highest production of virgin olive oil in the world. In 2020, according to the gauging of the Junta de Andalucía, 670,000 tons were produced, as a curiosity in this province a similar production is obtained by itself to the sum of the other three the sum of the other three producing countries in the world. Italy (280.000 Tn) ,Greece (220,000 Tn) and Tunisia (170,000 Tn).

Spain is the country where most olive oil is produced and exported, as well as being, historically, "the region" (Hispania) where the highest quality olive oil was produced. quality olive oil. From Ancient Egypt to the present day, everyone has been aware of the multiple benefits of olive oil, and has of the many benefits of olive oil and have tried to squeeze the most out of its use to get the most out of it. to get the most out of it.

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